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YouTube Wednesday(ish): Garfield, Marry Poppins and Idiots Parasailing

It's only the second YouTube Wednesday ever and I'm already late. Ooops. Well here is YouTube Wednesday-ish.

Shadow Puppet

Probably the most effective Shadow Puppeteer on the earth is Raymond Crowe. Currently yow will discover him on YouTube doing a puppet present that features horses, swans, rabbits and an excellent Louis Armstrong impression.

A Kodak Moment

This proud new puppy proprietor decides to show off his new pug to his family at home. The Pug additionally has a shock for his new family.

Chuck E. Cheese Training

When individuals say you'll find anything on YouTube they are not kidding. This YouTube video is a training video for Chuck E. Cheese employers. It explains to the employee how to act when he is strolling across the restaurant in his costume. Don't neglect, the E in Chuck E Cheese stands for leisure.

Don't Kill Children

If you have not seen the tv present click Home Movies but then what are you ready for? Go purchase it! This YouTube video is a series of clips from one of my favorite episodes. Brendan gets hit by a car whereas driving his bicycle but they inform him it's his fault and as his punishment he should write an essay. Instead Brendan makes a house film reenacting the accident and well, he adorns slightly bit. The Home Movies YouTube clip ends with one of Home Movies many basic songs, "Don't Kill Children."

American Gangster

I take pleasure in a good film as a lot as the following individual so maybe I'll go see a movie this weekend. If I do I'll see American Gangster starring Denzel Washington and so do you have to. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Parasailing Idiots

A couple of pals attempt to go parasailing by driving actual quick after which jumping off a truck. This YouTube video teaches us one thing. Idiots should not operate automobiles.

Marry Poppins Recut

A fairly popular factor to do on YouTube today it to take clips from a movie and make a trailer that makes the movie look like a very totally different kind of movie. In this YouTube video someone turned Marry Poppins into a horror movie.

Lateral Play

This play was showing on Sportscenter this week however in case you missed it here it is on YouTube. It's easily the most effective soccer participant of the 12 months in a game between Trinity and Millsap.

Garfield Halloween Special

Everybody seems to like the Charlie Brown Halloween Special but my Halloween Special of choice will at all times be Garfield. Not only is Garfield 100 times cooler than Charlie Brown however he's additionally smart sufficient to decorate as a pirate. Arrrr. This clip from YouTube reveals us Garfield and Odie's costumes.

Ok Go

If you watch a lot of music movies I'm sure you've seen this one before. But since it's such a fantastic music video it needed to be one of these YouTube articles finally.
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